Heart to Heart Influence playshop

Can you want something without needing it?

Every successful person that you know or heard about knows this ONE “secret”, that allows them to act confidently and smile while they are doing it.

We live in an Universe where action is necessary. We already learned that just visualizing and meditating, staring at our navel all day long, will not turn things around for us. Action is necessary if we want to change our lives for the better, to change our experience of reality.

So, you have this brilliant idea. You opened your own business, you want to take your destiny into your own hands, you want to be free…

Do you find yourself waiting to “feel confident” before doing something about it?

Perhaps you tried to “pump yourself up”, or to “force” yourself to do things…

If I were to generalize the number one goal that my clients want to accomplish, or the number one change that they want to see in their lives, or the main problem that they want to solve, which would make a tremendous impact for them, it’s this:

  • “I want to get out of my head and actually take action towards what I want, and to continue taking action, rather than agonizing about the actions!”
    • or, its “cousin”: “I want to be sure that my actions will be successful, before taking those actions!”

Can you relate to this?

I have to admit, all my clients are intelligent persons. They all know and they can tell me all the reasons why this behavior is not logical, and all the reasons why they should take that action. In the same time, they all feel that there is something deeper than their logical, conscious thinking which keeps them stuck.

What’s happening there?

This is a good place to remember that we always behave in coherence with our conceptual understanding of “how life works” or “what things are”. Regardless of what we rationalize at the Consciousness level, our behavior will always be dictated by the nature of the concepts that we hold in our Semantic Base (of course, we can “force ourselves” to do things we don’t believe in, but we all know how frustrating, awkward, incongruent and short-lived that behavior is).

When we went deeper into their inner understandings about that action they kept procrastinating about, we discovered some interesting aspects of the meanings they held in regards to it:

* I Need the result [of that action] to happen.
* If that result doesn’t happen, that means that I am not good enough.
* This action means that I am Taking something From somebody else.
* This action means that I am Making someone do something they don’t really want to do,

… and more of the same, you get the idea.

In other words, for them, the Primary purpose of that action was The Result they wanted to get. Moreover, if they didn’t get the result, that had a negative personal implication about them and who they were, at the identity level. And, since they could not “guarantee” that particular result (how could they?), their inner reaction was to refrain from even trying, so to avoid the “danger” of their identity being “damaged”.

This anxiety indicated that they were “living in the future”, into an imaginary future where things go wrong.

Some trends recommend that you should imagine and visualize only the successful result of your actions – but I find this too big of a leap from that anxiety. Moreover, this is still “living in the future”; no matter how successful and bright your vision is, you still have no “guarantee” for that, and the “fear of not happening” it’s still present, although you try to push it off (which, by the way, makes more damage than good).

What would happen if you were to come “home”, to the Present Moment, Centered in the Now? In the Now there is no anxiety and no need. Anxiety and neediness can only live in the Future (which is Always imaginary, it’s not yet created). In the Now, in this very moment, you get to connect with yourself and with everything that is, with your Creativity and with your Playfulness. You get to live your life, since all your life is a continuous Present. In the Present Moment, you always start from a clean slate, you get a chance to a fresh start.

What if, from this place of Presence, you decide to do the action for the sake of ‘doing the action’?

What if you regard that action just as planting a seed in the ground, leaving the result of it in the hands of the Nature, knowing that you cannot control IF that flower will grow, or what color that flower will have if it will grow?

How much easier will be for you to take that action for its own sake, enjoying Not what you might Get out of it (basically, living in a dream), but rather Who you Are NOW Becoming  by doing that action?

All unsuccessful salespersons and poor influencers allow the Need for a particular result to mix and interfere with their actions.

All successful salespersons and effective influencers that I interviewed are free of that need. They Want a particular result, but they know they Don’t Need it.

This is what my Playshop is about, to facilitate for you to become familiar with how it feels to take consistent action towards what you want, congruently, and enjoying every moment of it.

Imagine being able to Feel Good about Taking the Actions you know will make a difference for you:

* Make a 6 or 7 figure income, being a creator of value for your community…
* Enjoy fulfilling relationships with your family and friends…
* Build a lifestyle for yourself, not only a business…
* Increase your Confidence, your Courage and your Fearlessness through Taking Action, continuously noticing evidences that your inner security, well-being and peace of mind do not depend on anything and anyone. That’s what it means ‘to be true to oneself’, ‘to be authentic’…

Note: as a side effect, you’ll become Incredibly Attractive to other people, because everybody will want to resonate with this quality of your energy…

* Wake up every day with a sense of excitement and anticipation for the impact you’ll bring in your world…

The self-help literature on the last decades tried to convince you that, in order to accomplish anything, hard work, effort, sacrifices and delayed gratification are necessary. But is that really true? Is this what you noticed on the really successful AND happy people that you know about?

I wrote somewhere:

If you “make efforts and sacrifices” towards what you want, your ‘want’ becomes a ‘desire’, which brings about the ‘attachment to that outcome’. Most of us know that, when that happens, the wanted result eludes us.

However, if you don’t do anything towards what you want, you are – actually – lazy, stuck or afraid.

How to transcend this “puzzle”?

What if you were to consider this as a “happy medium”:

* Can you Want something without Needing it?
* Can you start by Desiring that outcome so intensely that will get you moving to take action AND can you totally drop that desire once you start acting?
* Can you go about Creating what you want just for the sake of “the doing”, not “in order to” reach that outcome?
* Can you regard that outcome simply as an “excuse” for you to start the “doing”?

Make the Action ‘about you’.
Make the Result ‘about them’.

My aim in this Playshop is to facilitate for you to have an Experience of being a powerful influencer, while being in alignment with your values and with the natural order of things. Join me and let’s Play together.

This is designed to be a Coaching Intensive. It will be a Three hour Group Coaching Conversation. That means that everybody will show up and I’ll ask you What do you want to Create, What is your biggest challenge or your biggest dream. Then we will together explore whatever comes up in the moment, with no plan for the entire thing. And we’ll just going to go deeper and deeper, down the rabbit hole.

And I’m standing for that because that’s the way of Being that I’m looking to create in my work and this Playshop is a representation of that. I also know that you don’t actually need ‘to be taught’, because you have already your answers; what you need is to allow yourself to look deeper inside, to feel free to explore the depths of your own heart.

That’s Awakening… This is what I want for you…

So, let’s Play… Influence is something too important to be taken seriously.

When and Where

Saturday, December 19, 2015

9.30 am – 12.30 pm

Eloise May Library

1471 S. Parker Road Denver, CO 80231

I gained a lot of insight and knowledge from Cezar’s Playshop ‘Can you want something, without needing it?’

Coming from a place of being and seeing the whole world from the inside out, rather than from outside in was a whole new concept for me. As I continue ‘Playing’ and ‘Being’ subtle changes are happening in my life.

I am gaining more insight from Cezar’s teachings than I have from several different therapists I have seen throughout my lifetime. Attending his Playshops have been a life changing opportunity for me. I would recommend it to anyone who has even the slightest curiosity in becoming present in life and what that may mean for you and all the people you connect with.

Becky Brittain


“Cezar is a teacher and coach who takes spirituality and grounds it in the real world of business. His insights are useful and even life-changing. As a result of attending his playshop, I am approaching my work with more in-the-moment joy and creativity. I am less attached to a specific outcome, which is immensely freeing.”

Gloria Lesher, Freelance Writer



Stuart and I both enjoyed and learned a lot from your Playshop on Saturday.

I am working to change and tweak the way I connect with people. I have made two connections in the last two days and I came away feeling more positive than before and not feeling like it was a one sided and a waste of time. I guess my attitude and approach has changed because of you. Thanks.

Both connections I came away feeling like I had learned something from each person and that we could help one another in some way to better our business! It was a lot more relaxing and enjoyable, like it was friends visiting with each other and trying to help each other succeed.

I need to keep working on Me, to become like a child again, having fun and not worry about the outcome. I have always been taken care of and I need to remember that God will always be there for me!!

I don’t need or want everyone to partner up with me in business! I only need a few that really want to change their lives for the better and to have fun while doing so.

Thank you for waking up the sleeper in me.

I would recommend Cezar’s Playshop and book Heart to Heart Selling to anyone that feels they need to make a change, for things to change, so that they can move forward in life and/or business.

Thanks so much,
Rosemarie Rae

Influence Playshop